Privacy Policy of Ball Hosting

We value your privacy, so we won’t compromise it. Here are the complete procedures for our privacy policies. By these terms, we ensure that none of your information goes against Google’s terms and conditions and the cyber community standards. Therefore, you can safely use our sites. 

It is worth adding that everyone who visits and wants to connect with us in the future should keep in mind that the personal information provided to us is only to identify their authenticity.

We neither ask our clients, users, visitors or shareholders to give very personal information like (passwords, bank account numbers, computer OTP codes, etc.). Herein will get complete ideas about our whole privacy policies and conditions.

Who Are We?

We are a ball-hosting team, and our actual website address is We can be contacted or consulted through [email protected].

What Personal Data We Need From You & Why

When you switch on our sites, it asks for queries on some special traits. Our special integrated web server also tracks your activities and performance. 


Our website is virtually interlinked with user comments. As visitors comment below our content, we collect the data from the comments section. Also, we have attached the web visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string so that we can detect spam or banning issues immediately if any difficulties occur.

We examine your email address verification. Ours have an anonymized string attached to your email; we sent it to the Gravatar services. This will accomplish all the affairs and give us a report. Your comment also needs approval from this site then it will be publicly shown to others with your profile. Otherwise, you won’t get access to edit or comment on our content.

Note that your email information will not be sold nor stored for our personal use, nor will it be shared with any third parties.

Media Files / Image 

Image, video, context, or any podcast audio attached to our content is piracy free. We partially approve our users to upload or send images and videos if they want to share their issues. But, those images must be from a particular location data (EXIF GPS). Visitors from the website can download as well as extract any location by this through the images.

Contact Forms

We provide Google forms to our clients to engage with our service or inquire about any information. For those forms which you get from Ball Hosting, we provide them to collect only some specific information. Users, clients, or visitors must fill in their name, email address, or other personal information.

We save those email addresses from contacting users further or trace them specifically if needed. Also, neither our employees nor our authority will disclose or use your email address or any personal information outside of our organization in a way that might violate your privacy.

Log Files Facts

Unlike other websites, we collect all the details of our visitors’ browser accounts and websites. Our special team safely monitors all the procedures. For better privacy, we detect your internet service provider address (ISP such as AOL, Shaw cable), also the browser you use to pay visits or read our content.

Engage with us to buy or grab a share from our websites. Through this intellectual gesture, we can know the duration of your visit and your actual website address like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, etc.

Affiliate Marketing 

We support affiliate marketing founded by CMI Marketing inc., d/b/a Café Media (“Café Media”). The main purpose of these traits is to add advertisements on the sites. Café Media works to collect and gather certain data from the website for compiling non-personal identification information. Through affiliate marketing, we get benefits since we earn some commission when the user buys or purchases products through our content link.

Web Browser Cookies & Beckons 

Another important facility attached to our site is web browser cookies. Web browser cookies are useful for enhancing user experience. A user’s web browser places cookies on the hard drive to record their user’s valuable information and to track information about the visitors.

Cookies will be presented to you in a pop-up message asking whether you wish to accept or reject them. If the user denies or ignores it, some parts of the site won’t function properly.

Electronic Newsletters 

By this term, a user can opt into our mailing list. We notify you about our site’s valuable news, discounts, annual increments, important documents, and content through email. Every email we send includes detailed instructions for unsubscribing or stopping future emails for users who wish to stop receiving them.

Meanwhile, a user can directly inform us via our websites. Yet, we would like to inform you that you provided information about sending an electronic newsletter that third parties will share, and we will take permission from you before that.


Ball hosting sites have automated data collection technology, Google Analytics, to collect information about user devices. This generally includes collecting information like who you’re, from where you’re using this site, the computer information, IP address, operating systems, and browser types. 

We are also very conscious that none of them is used for those purposes, which may harm our clients, customers, and visitors. We collect them for our website’s benefits.

With Whom We Share Your Data 

We share your data with you. A special intelligence algorithm secures them. For this reason, there is no fear of exploding personal details. 

How Long Your Data Will Be Hold By Us

All your data will be reserved until the contract duration has expired and you’re willing to end up with us. For the temporary visitors, all their pre-saved information will vanish a month later. 

What Rights You Have Personal Data

Ball hosting keeps partial rights for their clients and customers. By applying these actions, they can request to remove their data from the sites if they suspect our website security functions. We repeat a normal client or visitor has the right to request to remove personal information from our sites.

But we are not abiding by taking action immediately if the information seems to us necessary for technical purposes. We can reserve and delete them wholly, which is totally up to our authority and team members.

Contact Information 

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about where and how we send and use your data. You can reach us through the email address provided on our website to request to withdraw all the information from our websites which we stored. 

How Much Concern We Are To Protect Your Data

Ball Hosting uses security software like Member Press, Send Owl, Stripe, and PayPal to make all financial transactions. Here, we maintained security and fully deducted the payment information since we care about our client’s insecurity.